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In the lawsuit filed by Kıyançiçek, who allegedly shared the photo of the ox from his account and said, ‘I had a decision to remove it that much, still here’, Bozal received an ‘anger control and coping with stress training’ by İzmir 1st Family Court for a month and punished for participating in rehabilitation programs.

The couple Serdar Kıyançiçek and Sevim Bozal got married about 10 years ago and gave birth to a child. In their 3rd year of marriage, the couple divorced, unable to agree. However, the disputes between the couple did not end when they got divorced. Kıyançiçek 4 years ago, he rented the empty land opposite the house of his divorced wife Bozal in Narlıdere district and started to breed livestock here. Kıyançiçek has installed containers and many security cameras in the field. Thereupon, Sevim Bozal and her family had many discussions with Serdar Kıyançiçek. Discussions sometimes turned into a fight. Last August, Bozal’s brother E.B. argued with Kıyançiçek, claiming that their home and themselves were being monitored and harassed by security cameras. When the debate turned into a fight in a very short time, E.B. opened fire on Kıyançiçek. Kıyançiçek was hit by the bullshit, was injured in his arm, and his dog was shot dead. While the parties complained to each other many times during this period, a mutual dismissal decision was made. Detained immediately after the incident, E.B. was released in the courthouse where he was transferred, on condition of judicial control. Immediately after the tensions, Serdar Kıyançiçek decided to dismantle the container on the land and move it after 4 years.

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“Öküzlü” post sued

However, there was a new development between the couple. Allegedly, Bozal posted on his social media account, after taking a photo of a cow in the street where he lives, writing “I made the decision to suspend it that much, but here, though.” Kıyançiçek filed a lawsuit upon this sharing of Bozal. A decision was made in the hearing held in Izmir 1st Family Court. The judge gave Bozal a one-month penalty for “participation in training and rehabilitation programs for anger management and coping with stress.”

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