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In order to manage the risk posed by the Covid-19 epidemic in terms of public health and public order and to keep the spread of the disease under control, the rules and measures to be followed for all areas of life, as well as the rules of cleaning, mask and distance in the fight against the epidemic, were determined and implemented.

As the virus mutated at the current stage increases the spread of the disease worldwide, there is an increase in the number of patients due to the variants seen in our country. Number of cases in the country due to the rise in recent years “partial shutdown” was put into practice.

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Partial closure period, the restrictions come on weekdays street between 7:00 p.m. to 5:00 hours, weeks in the end; In this context, 33 thousand 811 people who violated the curfew between April 12-19 or administrative action has been applied.

Until our fight against the epidemic is over and we have a full normalization process, we must continue to comply with other rules such as cleaning, mask and distance.

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