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The Felicity Party Deputy Chairman basic Karamollaoğlu by a written statement, US President Joe Biden’s 1915 events as “genocide” has reacted to qualify.

Karamollaoğlu, in a written statement today, the so-called Turkey “Armenian Genocide” with accusations that America in Vietnam in the whole world, in Afghanistan and to transmit into the hands of Iraq, millions, he said he knew the innocent blood.

President Erdogan concern açıklamalartürki to

“America started with genocide for his own history of the Indians is the last country to accuse our country and our history of intimidating innocents and so-called genocides. ” Karamollaoğlu, who made his assessment, said:

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“Whatever anyone says today, when we listen to history, what we hear is that our country is the guarantee of peace, peace and trust from the past to the present. has been always a source of hope. in this land lived in many different races and beliefs thousand years of peace, no one is without prejudice to the lives and property. by these facts are obvious I. Relocation we have received under the hardships of world War II decision to manipulate commemorate with Turkey of genocide anyone is not excessive.

from the political to Biden’s description response yağdıtürki to

as it is today, tomorrow will not reputation never date the slanders of which will be referred to the persecution in doing. If the United States or anyone else would say buyursun is to search for truth, come, our archives loud and clear Let an international commission be established, historians here reveal the truth with their documents. moment. “

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