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The death of a 5-year-old girl B.H., who was found dead at home 4 years ago in Gaziantep and was recorded as “normal death” in forensic reports, was brutal. The Gaziantep Police Department Homicide Bureau Teams, who reopened the file on the death of the little girl, encountered the terrible truth in the investigation. In the research of the teams, it was determined that the little girl was strangled and beaten to death by her aunt.

The incident took place in Vatan District of Şahinbey district in November 2017. According to the allegation, B.H., a 5-year-old girl, was found dead in their home. After the incident, the death of the little girl was considered as a normal death and was recorded in the file. After the incident, the teams of Gaziantep Police Department Homicide Bureau, suspecting the nail marks on the neck and face of the girl, deepened the investigation.

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Homicide Bureau teams, made in the area where the incident occurred after prolonged study and research, taking into account the forensic reports, b.h.’n living in the same residence aunt E. H. revealed that he was killed by strangling and battering. The murder suspect aunt was caught and taken into custody on April 26, 2021, and then taken to the police station for interrogation. The murderer suspect, who confessed his crime at the police, was arrested by the judicial authorities for ‘deliberate murder’ and sent to prison. the importance of illuminating the three unsolved murders event was a success which is great.

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homicide Bureau, earlier in 2011, lost Leyla Ganigülü the MNA In 2018, non-commissioned officer A.K., whom Yakup Çelik discussed. had revealed that he had been killed by. As a result of the meticulous and intense work of the teams, the suspects of the murderers were arrested and sent to prison after all three unidentified incidents were illuminated.

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