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Cell phones of 3 women were seized by a pregnant woman with a knife in Istanbul, Kadıköy. The profile of the hijacker that came out seemed like a detective movie. A pregnant woman wearing a miniskirt and wearing only a T-shirt had a large spider and web tattoo on her hand. Her arms were lined with razor cuts, she wore a jet-black wig on her head. She approached her victim and said strange things in several languages. When she peeled off her shirt, she pulled the giant knife that she taped to her stomach and attacked. The presence of the hijacker spread by word of mouth with the whisper newspaper.

Looks like straight out of a horror movie

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Rümeyra İrez and Elif Öner, who study in the cinema-television department, were sitting in front of an apartment building on Ali Kalfa Street, Yeldeğirmeni, at around 19.30 last Friday. A pregnant woman approached them. The pregnant woman said to Elif Öner, “You died a long time ago, they buried you”. Later, after saying “I have a knife, I will kill you,” he asked for their phone and grinned, lifted his shirt and pulled out a 30 centimeter-sized knife. When her friend threw her phone on the floor, the woman was distracted and the two women ran away.

The mysterious woman pulled a knife against another woman from the Bull Statue the day before. Hearing the screams for help, the police caught the woman. 22-year-old S.N.E.K., who was found to be Algerian, was also identified by the victims. She was 8 months pregnant and had rented a hotel room to change her clothes after each attack. Lots of clothes and wigs were seized in his room. The woman, who said “I have jinn” in her statement at the police, was released by the court after her statement at the prosecutor’s office.

Source Hürriyet

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