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His wife İbrahim Tekin (44), who was tried without arrest for allegedly beating Filiz Tekin (38), who lost his life in the hospital in Izmir, was acquitted. The defendant Tekin, whose last word was asked at the verdict hearing, denied the accusations and said, “If I had battered my husband, would I have taken the hospital to hospital? He lost his life. İbrahim Tekin, who was detained for allegedly beating his wife and causing her death, was arrested at the courthouse where she was transferred after her actions at the police. A lawsuit was filed against İbrahim Tekin for ‘causing death as a result of deliberate injury’ and ‘persecution against spouse’ with a demand of up to 24 years in prison.

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In the past hearings of the case held at the Ödemiş 2nd High Criminal Court, forensic reports on Filiz Tekin were submitted to the court. Filiz Tekin’s body was found to have no traumatic findings, sharp stabs, gunshot wounds or strangulation. It was stated in the forensic medical board reports of the İzmir Forensic Medicine Institute and Ege University Hospital, where Filiz Tekin lost his struggle to survive, that Tekin died of high fever due to meningitis. İbrahim Tekin, who was detained on the basis of the reports, was released.

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In the 10th hearing of the case, held on April 9, the prosecutor announced his opinion. In the prosecutor’s opinion, the defendant without arrest asked Tekin up to 8 years in prison on charges of ‘tormenting’ and ‘deliberate injury. Federation “We are very proud!” Sports

“If I had battered my wife, would I take her to hospital?”

The verdict of the case was held today. The defendant İbrahim Tekin and the party lawyers attended the hearing. The defendant’s lawyer Mehmet Dönmez was the first to speak at the hearing. Saying that they did not agree with the opinion, Dönmez requested his client’s acquittal. Speaking after Dönmez, Elif Büşra Berber, one of the lawyers of Filiz Tekin’s relatives, said, “Although Filiz Tekin was offered hospitalization in the hospital report dated December 7, 2019, her husband did not accept it. For this reason, we demand that she be punished by deliberate murder due to negligence.

Islam Gezer, one of the lawyers, said, “After refusing to be hospitalized, the defendant brought Filiz home and left him alone. Hospital reports clearly state the traces of beatings. We demand that he be punished with deliberate murder due to negligence.” p> The defendant Tekin, whose last word was asked, rejected the accusations against him and said, “If I had battered my husband, would I take him to hospital? The delegation decided on Tekin’s acquittal and ended the hearing.

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