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In Denizli’s Pamukkale district, there was horror in an apartment on 10 November last year. Pamukkale University (PAU) art teacher 4th grade student Cennet Tuğba Tokbaş and her lover Recep Eray Hakver had a debate for an undetermined reason.

According to the news in DHA, during the discussion, Hakver took Tokbaş with his hands. squeezed it to death. After the incident, Hakver went to his family’s house in the same neighborhood. Hakver, who told his mother that they had an argument with his girlfriend, said that Tokbaş remained motionless in the hall of the house after the struggle between them. Police teams went to the address determined upon the notification of Recep Eray Hakver’s family and found Cennet Tuğba Tokbaş dead. Detained Hakverdi is, the courthouse was shipped, was arrested by the court removed.

stabbed whether minted the disabled brother! Turkey

The cause of death was confirmed

Denizli Public Prosecutor’s Office heaven Tuğba Tokbaş The indictment regarding the death of ‘was prepared. In the indictment accepted by the 1st High Criminal Court, it was stated that the death of Tokbaş was ‘due to the neck pressure’ by the Ministry of Justice 1st Specialized Forensic Medicine.

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DNA from his quotes was removed

In the indictment, Recep Eray Hakver’s testimony stated that he accidentally killed Tokbaş by squeezing his throat during sexual intercourse, and Tokbaş said that he did not stand up to him at the same time, in the samples taken from the nails of the victim, the suspect’s DNA ‘ test the common specified.

HIV was given blood, 10 years after the decision is out! Turkey

in their behavior after the incident stage of the suspect Hakver ‘intentional killing’ offense to point out what has been stated that the indictment “after suspect’s event phase of the home When he left the cat with food, waved to the cameras and left the scene by listening to music, if this crime was committed by negligence, the suspect should have left the scene by panicking or inform the relevant health institutions. >

This indicates that behaving this way was deliberate. When all these situations are evaluated, it is understood that he committed the crime of deliberate killing. In the indictment, the prisoner Recep Eray Hakver was asked for life imprisonment.

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