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Thousands of anti-vaccine passport demonstrations were held in Hyde Park, one of the largest parks in London, the capital of England. Protesters marched from the park to the city center, accompanied by slogans against the vaccine passport. While it was observed that most of the protesters were not wearing masks, people wearing masks were also asked to remove their masks. Social distance rules were also ignored during the march and demonstration. protest lasted about 4 hours found without incident in the final.

Karamollaoğlu the Biden response: You’re welcome to come, our libraries open and ortadatürki to

Green passport (vaccination passport) the introduction of the EU (European Union) led to some criticism from within. Many countries, including France and Germany, highlighted that the passport would pose the risk of causing inequality and discrimination between vaccinated and unvaccinated European citizens.

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Developed by the EU, aimed at facilitating travel and revitalizing the tourism industry as summer holidays approach. health passport “or” vaccine passport “aims to prove that the person does not carry the risk of Covid-19 transmission. The vaccine passport, which will be in the form of digital or paper with a QR code, will contain information that people are vaccinated against Covid-19, PCR or bad fast antigen test result or cured the disease.

From Meral Akşener to Biden, the so-called ‘genocide’ response: the Turkish nation of a heavy saldırıtürki in her honor and reputation

EU’s only European Medicines Agency passport vaccine will be available countries 27 (EMA) approved by the Pfizer-biontech, Moderna astrazena, and has been described that are accepted Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

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