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Didim Real Estate Consultants Association President Osman Coşkun stated to the AA correspondent that, with the epidemic, they received applications from many people who wanted to rent houses in the district, and the number of people who wanted to come especially from metropolitan cities increased.

Noting that the interest in the district increased a little during the beginning of the epidemic, and the demand for rental housing increased unexpectedly due to the arrival of summer and the process of complete closure, Coşkun said:

“Up to 50 percent increase in prices”

“Due to the intense demand for daily, weekly, monthly or normal rental houses, we almost do not have rental houses left. People prefer places with sea air where they will feel more comfortable. Prices have increased by 50 percent compared to last year.” used expressions.

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Pointing out that fraud events can also occur due to high demand, Coşkun drew attention to the fact that the deposit should not be given before seeing the house to be rented.

Aydin Chamber of Builders and Realtors, Alaattin Durmaz, also noted that with the epidemic, there was intense demand for houses in holiday regions and rural areas, which increased rental prices.

Durmaz said, “Citizens are also right, they are now very bored and apply to the houses on the coast. This increases their rents. The slowdown in new housing constructions recently has an effect on this increase.
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