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The work initiated by search and rescue teams for a child with autism in Altınyayla district of Burdur is continuing.

In the village of Asmabağ, autistic Kerim Can Güney (10), who went to a field in the forested land with his family, has disappeared. The relatives, who could not find the child, reported the situation to the 112 Emergency Service. Gendarmerie, AFAD, AKUT and villagers are participating in the work initiated to find the missing child in the forest. Odor sensitive dogs are also used in search activities.

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300 people are calling

Approximately 300 people No results have been obtained from the studies carried out so far. Burdur Governor Ali Arslantaş also came to the region, received information from the authorities and consoled the family. The father of the child, Adem Güney, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that he learned that his child was disappeared on Sunday. Stating that the teams were mobilizing to find his child, Güney thanked the search and rescue teams.

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80 percent mentally disabled siblings were also 16 Reminding that he was looking for years, Güney said: “I have not seen the daylight in the world. The disappearance of my child was my liver pain. I never thought it would be like this. Why is my destiny like this? My test is so many in this world. I did not make a mistake by anyone, everybody in the district loves me. Berber.” I have a shop, I work until the evening and go to my house. I devoted myself to my family. Just have my child, I don’t want anything else.

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