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The incident occurred yesterday morning, in front of the Clock Tower at the entrance to Kaleiçi. The pedestrian patrol policemen, who stopped the Latvian-born British tourist Dmitrijs Solovjovs (34) during the practice, asked him to wear a mask. Dmitrijs Solovjovs refused the police’s request, showing his female colleague next to the police and said, “I like it, send it to me.” He started to broadcast live. .

Minister Çavuşoğlu met with Slovenian Prime Minister JansaTurkey

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Solovjovs, who did not wear the mask handed over to him before getting on the team vehicle, put on the mask but kept it under his chin at the insistence of the police in the vehicle. Solovjovs was then taken to the police station. Actions were taken for ‘resisting the police’, ‘insulting’, ‘sexual harassment’ and ‘not wearing a mask’. In his statement at the prosecutor’s office, British tourist Dmitrijs Solovjovs claimed that his words were translated incorrectly. Solovjovs, who was taken to the criminal magistrate on duty, was released.

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