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The suspect, who was detained with the allegation that he was affiliated with the former leader of the terrorist organization DAESH, Abu al-Baghdadi, and even his right-hand man, was referred to a judge with a request for arrest.

Istanbul Anti-Terrorism Branch Directorate and National Intelligence Organization (MIT ) Istanbul Regional Directorate teams have started a work to identify and decipher the suspects linked to terrorist organization DAESH and conflict zones.

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The teams, 2014 conflict He found that the foreign national ASİ.M., who went to the regions of the DAESH terrorist organization, gave armed training within the terrorist organization, operated at a responsible level within the organization, and acted jointly with the so-called high-level orders within the organization’s decision-making body, was in Istanbul.

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In the study conducted, in 2019, the leader of the terrorist organization DAESH, Abu al-Baghdadi, who was killed in the US operation in Idlib, was the safe zone in Syria. The suspect, who was considered to be involved in the transition to election and acting in connection with the members of the organization currently in conflict zones, was detained in the operation held in Ataşehir on April 28.

Sinan Akçıl: We have been corona with Burcu, I cannot smell him for 10 days > The suspect whose procedures at the police were completed, was brought to the Istanbul Court of Justice. The suspect, who was brought to the investigation prosecutor’s office, was transferred to the Criminal Judgeship of Peace on Duty with a request for arrest.

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