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Former Beykoz District Governor, who allegedly had sexual intercourse with a woman in his vehicle, threatened a child who witnessed the incident and drove his vehicle.

In Istanbul, the former Beykoz District Governor A.K. (56) was having sexual intercourse with a woman in a car at the entrance of the wooded land in Beykoz Kaynarca on 17 July last year. 16-year-old U.Y. While passing through the land he used to go home, he saw the vehicle with a white colored Skoda brand 34 AG .. 1.

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He tried to crush it with his vehicle

The district governor said to the boy who noticed the situation and continued on his way, “What are you looking at, aren’t you ashamed?” said. U.Y. “You are not really ashamed? There are houses here. Children like me are crossing this road, there are families,” he said. Thereupon, A.K. said, “I will break the walking legs. My district governor, me”, chased the little boy, turned back to his vehicle and tried to crush the boy with the vehicle. The neighbors intervened with the screaming voice of the child.

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Threatened to shoot

The former district governor threatened “I will shoot you, I will find you” as he left the area. U.Y. He filed a complaint. The protection of the district governor, who was found to have rented the vehicle, gave a statement about the incident. The guard stated that he left the vehicle to the district governor as soon as he worked, and that the person in the vehicle was not himself. It turned out that the district governor, who was investigated, petitioned for retirement a few days after the incident.

Source: Sabah

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