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The PCR test performed in Eskişehir City Hospital, where Bayram Kızılyar, a worker at the factory in Eskişehir, went to the hospital due to the symptoms seen last month, turned out to be positive.

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Kızılyar, who was learned to have chronic asthma, was taken into treatment. After the examination made by the filming teams affiliated to Eskişehir Health Directorate, his wife Elif and their relatives who were found to be in contact with their 12-year-old son were also tested. In the test results, it was determined that Elif Kızılyar was also caught in coronavirus. While Elif Kızılyar was being treated at the hospital, the couple was sent to the intensive care unit after their condition worsened after a short while. Bayram Kızılyar from the couple died on April 23, despite all the efforts of the doctors in the coronavirus intensive care unit. Yesterday, his wife Elif Kızılyar succumbed to the coronavirus.

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The Kızılyar couple were buried in Ağaçhisar Neighborhood in Alpu district.

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