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Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk, the guest of the Nokta program broadcast live on TV100, presented by Okan Bayülgen, made a very important statement regarding the additional appointments.

Okan Baygülgen asked Minister Selçuk questions from Twitter in the Nokta program.

Bayülgen, “Those who are waiting for an additional assignment asks. You know better than me, but … Will there be a second purchase with 2020 points?”

Minister Selçuk answered this question as follows:

“Of course, be sure, I constantly travel around the provinces, go around the districts and meet our teachers and colleagues who are waiting for appointment in each of them. They come, we talk, we talk. These questions will of course be asked. These are the questions of their lives, they ask their future. nothing more natural.

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Therefore, the important thing is; For many years, we have always seen over 40 thousand appointments during the AK Party period, we saw it last year, and we saw it in the years before that. Sometimes there were even more numbers. However, this year it was limited to 20 thousand in relation to the conditions brought by the epidemic and other budget possibilities and so on. And of course, we have our desires, applications, discussions, negotiations at every level at the point of increasing this and it continues. Of course, we want it to be, but on the other hand, when we look at the duties of this Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance and other organizations, our friends also want whatever is best for National Education. But they also share what they can do within the budget possibilities. At this point, what can we convey more, how can we increase this number. Of course, we are in an effort for this. “

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