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The fire occurred in the lodging of Nedime Serap Ulusoy Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School in the Sanayi Mahallesi, Tekkeköy district of Samsun. According to the information obtained, a fire broke out in the house belonging to Shipbuilding Teacher Veysel Keçeci (35) on the second floor of the school’s housing. While the flames surrounded the house, 1.5-year-old Zeynep İpek Keçeci, who was in the house at the same time, stayed in the room where the fire broke out. While working in the next room, Seda Keçeci, a mother working in a bank, asked for help.

Meanwhile, father Veysel Keçeci, who went to buy wood in the basement of the house, wanted to save his child. The neighbor teacher Metin Alptekin Arslan plunged into the house and took a 1.5-year-old girl who was found in the burning room and saved him from death. The child injured in the fire and the mother and father affected by the smoke were taken to Samsun Training and Research Hospital by ambulance and treated by 112 teams. The fire was extinguished by the teams of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department.

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Father Veysel Keçeci, whose face was damaged by flames and affected by smoke while trying to save his child, said, “There is a small stove in the house, duck stove. My wife was working inside. I ignited the stove. I wonder if there was something in it. The child threw something. There was something else inside the stove. I don’t know. Suddenly it exploded with heat. I went downstairs to get wood. 3 minutes later I heard my lady’s screams and shouts. I went up. When I opened the door, everywhere was black smoke. I couldn’t get in, 3-4 times. I tried. His mother tried, we could not enter. The child stayed for 5 minutes inside. There was a ladder below, I tried to enter from the balcony. I could not enter, it was very hot. There was a single seat in front of the door. p> Teacher Metin Alptekin Arslan, who saved the child from death, said, “In my house, smoke started to come out from the junction box cover. I got up quickly I turned off the fuses. I opened the door of the house, I was going to ask Veysel if you have anything. Duman m started stepping in that direction. I returned home, bought a blanket and wet it, and went back to Veysel’s house. Veysel went in and out, I went in and out. I was able to enter the third entry. There was a lot of smoke inside. I took the child, I said I got the child out to Veysel, we got out. “

It is being investigated whether the fire came out of the stove or from the electrical contact. Investigation on the incident continues.

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