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During the hours when the restrictions on the streets were continuing in Ümraniye, the police raided the hookah joyful Okey party by not obeying the restriction. While the people who were caught on the Okey table during the raid made an offer to the police saying “We understand you, you understand us, help us”, the police teams fined the 22 people who enjoyed the cafe, 69 thousand 960 liras.

On Göksu Street in Tatlısu Mahallesi The Dudullu Public Security Bureau Teams, who received the notification that a café that was located in, was open, took action to raid the place. The teams that came to the front of the open café detected people playing hookah joyful okey inside and raided the place. While those who saw the police in front of him were shocked to cover up the gambling table, some tried to hide. It makes the choir doing a search, police teams in after the virus measures and the café will be closed due to the limited curfew hookah pleasant joker playing met with 22 people.

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One of the people playing hookah enjoyable okey at the place tried to persuade the police teams not to be punished and said, “We understand you too, you did not come to your pleasure and press this place. We are not saying that you are abusing your job. But you, too, made a proposal to the teams to help us in this matter. . Themselves people who want to withdraw, “Can you turn off the camera no longer enough shame,” he reacted.

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69 thousand 960 pounds penalty

In this place to those who Police teams collecting their IDs were fined 22 people for failing to comply with the corona virus measures and violating the curfew, with a fine of 69 thousand 960 TL, 3 thousand 180 TL per person.

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