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Announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, there was shopping activity in Eminönü before the 17-day full closure to be implemented between April 29 and May 17. Eminönü tradesmen say that there is activity in the day after they make the decision to close completely, and they think the intensity will continue until the last day. It was seen that citizens coming to Eminönü mostly made basic food shopping.

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“There is a dynamism compared to other days”

Eminönü tradesman Mehmet Sait Çelik, After the announcement of the closure, he said that there was a dynamism compared to other days and said, “There was a dynamism compared to other days. Citizens want to make their shopping immediately.” Citizens mostly buy basic food and dried fruits. ”

Traffic in Istanbul is busy! Those who will go out of the city are on their wayTurkey

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