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The trial of Pınar Gültekin, who was brutally murdered in Muğla’s Menteşe district on July 16, 2020, has been postponed to 12 July. The hearing took place in a tense environment like the previous hearings.

After the hearing, Pınar Gültekin’s family lawyer Rezan Epözdemir and father Sıddık Gültekin made a statement. Lawyer Epözdemir stated that the hearing was postponed to 12 July and the continuation of the detention of the defendant Cemal Metin Avcı was decided, and said, “Today, we reiterated our request for rejection of the judge in line with the demands of the client family. Because, unfortunately, according to us, the trial does not go on a legal basis. From the very beginning, we have been making extraordinary efforts for the manifestation of justice and the revealing of material truth. We say that this murder cannot be committed alone, we say that there are other perpetrators. But the court writes a memorandum to the United States somehow. “

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” We came to the point of rebellion “

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” This warrant Interestingly enough, he wants the videos, images and photos from Pınar Gültekin’s phone for the past 2 years. Android asks for password. So he wants the phone pictures of the victim. So to speak, it violates the privacy of private life in Article 20 of the Constitution. So to speak, there is an attempt to create a perception as if the judge was not Cemal Metin Avcı but Pınar Gültekin. At the point we have reached, we have come to the point of revolt and renewed our demand for rejection. We said that unfair provocation claim is a knife here. There is no knife in the middle. There is also no knife cut in the forensic report. Imagine that the trial has come to such a point that the defendant of the file will become the victim, the victim of the file the defendant. This is legally unacceptable. I told it in the courtroom. It is easy to be good after this time, the hard thing is to be fair. ‘After this time, the biggest contribution you will make to the file is withdrawal and we want a rejection judgment. Please withdraw from this judgment. “

” Our requests for rejection are rejected “

” The dignity and legitimacy of the decision you make from now on in my clients becomes questionable. Any decision to be made will not satisfy my clients, it will disturb the conscience of the public. It will show a great dissatisfaction in terms of the sense of justice, ‘I said. Despite this, our demands for rejection are rejected. ”Pınar Gültekin’s father, Sıddık Gültekin said,“ I saw a scene here like an amateur Turkish movie. The hunter family wrote a script. Muğla plays in the 3rd Heavyweight amateurishly. They play us as extras, too. I wanted a denial judge. It is the third hearing, our requests for rejection of the judge are not accepted. This hurts us a lot. Therefore, our request for refusal should be accepted.

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