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Our country, which is in the ear of an earthquake, is frequently exposed to tremors. In Istanbul, experts are often warned against major earthquakes. So how will the citizens be evacuated in a possible Istanbul earthquake? Evacuation ships will wait off Istanbul to drive earthquake victims out of the city. Air, road and railways will also be used. Emphasizing that the earthquake will happen soon, Yıldız Technical University Faculty of Civil Engineering Dean Prof. Dr. Şükrü Ersoy made a call for mobilization and explained the importance of preparations.

Istanbul has a population of approximately 20 million and there is a reality of more than 7 expected earthquakes. Experts warn against the expected big earthquake in Istanbul. So, if there is an earthquake in Istanbul above 7, what will be the exit from Istanbul? How will the evacuations be made? Many institutions and organizations such as Interior Affairs and AFAD held meetings and the evacuation action plan was announced in case of an earthquake in Istanbul. According to the action plan, evacuations will be made by air, land, sea and rail.

Critical plan for the earthquake! Such will be released! Turkey

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” There is a multi-drain system. All of them including sea, rail, air and land routes. Highways are very congested. Remember 1999, the highways were very busy with traffic, there were no roads left for even an ambulance to pass. It is very important to do this in a planned way. The citizen knows what to do in these situations. This is not an issue that we will panic, because now we have to overcome the fear phase, a period of work and action … Citizens have to work with the institutions of the state as a duty. This is not something to be afraid of, this is our reality. ”

There are a total of 23 evacuation areas in Istanbul. Earthquake victims will be sent to a total of 11, including Balıkesir, Eskişehir and Ankara. Those who wish will be evacuated to their homeland. In addition, earthquake victims can be transferred to 7 support provinces in the second group, such as Adana and Gaziantep, if needed. The state will help to accommodate in provinces or countries where they will feel better, instead of shelters in buildings that are visible. There are not only officials in Istanbul in this action plan. Of course, they will also be in the disaster. AFAD officials outside of Istanbul or the group given the task of the state to be in this sorrow, ” he said.

full closure on the sale of alcohol for 17 days is forbidden! Turkey

mobilization calling for Ersoy against earthquakes, ” Ultimately the future. This is our truth, we are an earthquake country. The safest places should be buildings. All state institutions, citizens, if we work together, we can get through this. ”

Source: CNNTürk

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