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The young girl, who was depressed in Bursa, attempted suicide by standing on the retaining wall. While everyone at the scene tried to convince the young girl, the captain rescued the young girl who was on her way home at the end of the work and took her downstairs with a single move.

According to the information obtained, the center of the incident, the district of Yıldırım district Işıklar Mahallesi Işıklar Asb. M.Y.O. occurred in the face. a young girl Depression entering roadside out the retaining wall 18 years difference Citizens who told the security forces.

terrible doubt in forest fires in Muğla! Turkey

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The teams are at the scene trying to convince the young girl for a long time. Meanwhile, Işıklar Asb. Captain Hakan Sönmez, who was in charge of M.Y.O., noticed the young girl when she was leaving to finish her shift and go home. Captain Sönmez, who went to the teams, said that he was a gendarme and taught preventive law enforcement service at the school. Later, Sonmez, who dropped the bag in his hand and approached the young girl unnoticed, pulled the young girl down and prevented her from committing suicide with one move. My gendarme, we are always with you. You are very valuable to us. I have daughters too. Let us talk, I can help you, “he calmed down. Convinced, the young girl was taken to the police station to be testified after the medical teams checked at the scene.

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