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The incident took place yesterday evening in Dizdariye District. According to the information obtained, 6-year-old Poyraz Tok went to the park near his house with his friends. The boy who was walking and playing in the park with his friends went to the roof of the bath in the park. The little boy allegedly fell into the water tank, about 4 meters deep, when the wooden cover of the water tank belonging to the bathhouse broke. The family, who disappeared around 16:00 and could not hear from their children, started to search around the house and the park.

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< The residents of the neighborhood also took to the street to search for the boy. A woman told the family, who was looking for her children with her neighbors, that she last saw the child around the bathhouse. The family and neighbors, who concentrated their search at that point, climbed onto the roof of the bath. It was seen that the little boy was standing still in the water tank belonging to the bathhouse. His relatives took the child out of the warehouse and tried to perform heart massage, then took him to the hospital. It was determined that the child who was taken to the hospital died.


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The painful mother hugged her relatives for a long time and shed tears. Mother Sultan Kökçül, telling about the incident, said, “When I came from work, he was playing in front of the house. Then they came here with the children. They saw him go up here. He had friends with him. Maybe if there was a security strip here, maybe that child would not have climbed there. He would not have climbed the staircase if it was not there. He was a child who knows himself. “It was not a child to go out there. It happened to me today. It could happen to another child one day tomorrow. There was a board on the well, not an iron.” Mother Kökçül, who had difficulty standing and shed tears, fainted.

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The neighbor of the family, Mehmet Pişkin, also said that he participated in the search, “There is a great negligence. There. The ladder should be placed sideways. The exit is easy. Maybe they pushed the child, we do not know, “he said. While the police took precautions by pulling a security strip around the bath and its surroundings, riot police were also sent to the park for precautionary purposes.

The work initiated by the police on the incident continues.

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