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Mehmet Şençakır, who bought Ramadan pita from a bakery in Izmir, was surprised when a three-centimeter screw came out of the pita while sitting at the iftar table.

Mehmet Şençakır, who lives in Kemalpaşa district Ören District, He bought Ramadan pita. Şençakır then waited for the iftar hour with her family at her home. Şençakır, who opened her fast with the recitation of the adhan, started to eat the pita she bought in the meantime.

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5 more terrorists were neutralized in Claçe! After a while, the old man noticed that there was a 3-centimeter screw in the pita, and was astonished at the sight he saw. Mehmet Şençakır, who went to the bakery where he bought the pita the next day to warn him, claimed that the owners of the bakery did not care about him.

Şençakır stated that if he eats the pita, there may be a problem and said: God forbid, if we had eaten that pita, bigger problems would have occurred. I filed a complaint to the authorities to inspect the oven.

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