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The file of Kadir Şeker, who was sentenced to 12.5 years in prison for stabbing to death by stabbing in the heart while trying to prevent Özgür Duran, who allegedly beating his lover Ayşe Dırla in Konya, was rejected by the 1st Criminal Chamber of the Konya Regional Court of Justice. It was sent to the Supreme Court.

The incident took place in the Selçuklu district Yeni Istanbul Caddesi Piri Reis Park on the evening of February 5th last year. Kadir Şeker, who wanted to intervene on the grounds that he beat Özgür Duran’s lover Ayşe Dırla, stabbed Duran to death. Kadir Şeker, who was detained after the incident, was arrested by the court he was taken to in the courthouse where he was transferred. Şeker was sentenced to life imprisonment at the hearing held at the 3rd High Criminal Court, where he was charged with ‘deliberate manslaughter’. Then, on the grounds that the crime was committed under ‘unjust provocation’, the sentence was reduced to 15 years and then to 12.5 years, taking into account the good condition of Şeker at the trial.

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Neymar is waiting for his retirement! He informed the Konya Regional Court of Justice that the unjust provocation reduction should be applied at the highest limit. In the petition of appeal submitted to the Konya Regional Court of Justice by his lawyers, it was stated that the incident that occurred while Kadir Şeker tried to help a woman took place within the limits of legitimate defense, even if the court would not accept the legitimate defense, the clause of exceeding the limits of legitimate defense was applied and Kadir Şeker acquitted, a decision to be released was requested. Lawyers of the murdered Özgür Duran also appealed against the decision. Konya Regional Court of Justice rejected the appeal on 1 Criminal Chamber of the file sent to the Supreme Court.

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Dayle’s lawyer Sugar Ellis, said the decision would appeal, ‘Konya Chief Prosecutor’s Office and our request for a reduction in prison sentence. The file was sent to the Supreme Court. He said that we will also appeal the decision.

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