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The Çorlu Stream flowing black in Tekirdağ spreads bad odors to the environment. Namık Kemal University (NKU) Çorlu Engineering Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Lokman Hakan Tecer told reporters that the Ergene Basin, where the creek is located, is a lively and dynamic place where industrial activities have been intensified, the population has increased a lot in the last 30 years and the industry is piling up in the region. … Dünya

Tecer said that the Ergene Basin is one of the highest quality basins in Turkey.

Defending that the basin was polluted as a result of intense industrial activities, Tecer said that the pollution and bad odor in the stream is also due to this. Explaining that the Çorlu Stream flowing in the Ergene district, Sağlık Mahallesi, is one of the streams that feed the Ergene River, Tecer said, ” Especially, it is polluted from time to time as a result of the activities of industrial zones such as Velimeşe, Çerkezköy, Türkgücü and Çorlu, This is a stream where smell problems are experienced from time to time. “He said.

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Machete attack on kindergarten: 3 children, 1 teacher 4 people died Tecer, who stated that there has been a decrease in pollution in the streams and tributaries feeding the Ergene River due to the restriction of the industrial activities in the province, said: These studies are uniquely supported by the government. Within the scope of these projects, 5 common treatment facilities were commissioned in the region and the project of cleaning these wastewater as soon as possible and restoring it to the nature. The project is not yet complete, but it has come to an end. Here is what we need to do; First of all, we should not follow the progress of these projects. It will be a little difficult with the pandemic, but they need to be followed up.

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