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It was reported that at least 17 people died and 846 were injured in the protests that started due to the tax reform package planned by President Ivan Duque under the name of “Sustainable Solidarity Law” in Colombia.

Following the tax reform package announced by President Ivan Duque in Colombia, people took to the streets, and clashes broke out between police and demonstrators in many cities in the country where a national strike decision was taken. As a result of the protests, President Duque stepped back and withdrew the tax reform package he had planned to enact under the name of the “Sustainable Solidarity Law”.

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How unscrupulous! In a statement made by the Defense Ministry, it was reported that 16 civilians, including 1 police officer, lost their lives and 846 people were injured, including 306 civilians, in a statement made by the Ministry of Defense. The ministry also announced that 69 bus stops, 36 ATMs, 94 bank branches, 14 box offices, and 313 commercial enterprises were damaged during the protests. Stating that 431 people were detained during the protests, the authorities said that the government ordered the deployment of the army in the cities most affected by the protests.

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