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In the monthly detention examination of Osman Kavala, a businessperson who was detained for the crimes of “obtaining the information that should be kept secret by the state for the purpose of political or military spying” and “violating the Constitution”, the request for release was rejected. A member judge voted against the decision, stating that he was of the opinion that Kavala should be released with judicial control measures, taking into account the period of his detention.

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Istanbul 30th High Criminal Court The detention review, which should be done today, was held on trial yesterday within the scope of the full closure measures. Osman Kavala attended the hearing through the Audio and Video Information System (SEGBİS) from the Silivri No 1 Closed Prison. Kavala’s lawyers İlkan Koyuncu, Köksal Bayraktar and Tolga Aytore were also present at the hearing. Kavala and his lawyers asked for a release order.

The request for release was denied

On the other hand, the court board stated that ‘the nature and nature of the crime, the stage of the trial, He rejected his requests for release on the grounds that he had concrete evidence indicating a strong suspicion of crime, the upper limit of the penalty stipulated in the law and that judicial control measures would be insufficient.

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A member voted against the decision on the continuation of the detention. The member judge stated, ‘The possibility of a change in the criminal nature of Osman Kavala, the fact that his defense has been taken, the fact that the evidence has been gathered to a large extent, and the judicial control measures can be provided with the judicial control measures’.

About Kavala Noting that he was of the opinion that a decision to be released with judicial control measures such as “not being able to go abroad, applying to the nearest police station for two days and not leaving Istanbul”, he stated that he did not comply with the opinion of the majority.

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Lawsuits merged

Osman Kavala, at the 36th High Criminal Court of Istanbul, “violated the Constitution” and “the State’s information that should remain confidential, political or While being tried for the crimes of “procuring for military spying”, the court decided to continue with the Gezi Park case at the Istanbul 30th High Criminal Court, whose acquittal decisions were reversed by the court of appeal. It had decided to be irradiated.

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