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In the controls; Criminal proceedings are applied to those who are found to have filled in unauthorized and illegal documents.

During the full closure process, a total of 697 thousand 599 persons have work permits through e-application; e-application and travel permits were issued to 184 thousand 40 people over Alo 199.

Sector workers within the scope of exemption during the full closure process can obtain their work permit / job documents from the e-government e-application system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In addition, in the first days of the full closure process, work permits / job documents filled in handwritten by the workplaces within the scope of exemption were valid until 24:00 on Sunday, May 2, in order to prevent the victimization caused by the intensity.

Minister Closing statement from Soylu! Turkey

Controls tightened

The Ministry of Internal Affairs, which tightened its controls in order to successfully complete the complete closure process applied to control the course of the epidemic, manually filled work permit / It has also increased its controls on task documents.

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During audits, the documents are photographed and uploaded to the system

Check Work permit / assignment documents filled in by handwritten by persons suspended in the office, when necessary; The photo is taken by law enforcement units and uploaded to the system.

In the inquiries, if it is determined that the person submitting the document goes out on the streets despite not being within the scope of exemption and fills an illegal document without authorization, criminal action is applied. 881 thousand 639 documents were issued 697 thousand 599 people, who were exempted from the e-application system during the full closure process, received a work permit certificate, while 184 thousand 40 people from e-application and Alo 199 received a travel permit. .

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