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The missing woman who went live yesterday confessed that she no longer wanted her husband and that they ran away with the person named Cüneyt Durmuş. Nazlı Okul confronted her husband on live broadcast.

Nazlı Okul, who participated in her program in Esra Erol, confronted her mother and husband Şeref Bey in a live broadcast. She stated that she loved Cuneyt and did not want to go home. The notice froze blood in the studio.

He said that the person named Cüneyt Durmuş, with whom Nazlı Okul escaped, committed a murder in 2013.

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The person who said that Cüneyt Durmuş committed this murder because he thought he had met with F.M at that time, then “he was caught red-handed while he was buried in Ordu after the stage by keeping him at his house for 2 days.” said. The ex-wife admitted that her husband had committed the murder.

After all the facts were revealed in Esra Erol’s program, Cüneyt Durmuş, who came with Nazlı School, said, “After the truth is revealed, I don’t want Nazlı anymore.” saying, Nazlı left School.

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