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N.P. and B.S.Ç. there was a debate between. The debate, which the parties insulted each other, suddenly grew. N.P.’s father İ.P. and his mother, E.P. and B.S.Ç.’s younger son E.E.Ç. also came and joined the discussion. After a while, B.S.Ç.’s wife V.Ç. and his relative C.O. also involved in the incident. While the parties tried to hit each other with the hard objects they had seized and insulted, one of them started to shout with the big knife he took in his hand. A woman tried to control this person. The people around who saw the discussion reported the situation to the police. District Police Department teams that came to the scene upon the notice separated the parties.

Horror with pump in Kağıthane! Turkey

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The parties who complained about each other were taken to Kemer State Hospital for health checks. Waiting for examination in the emergency room of the hospital, B.S.Ç., his wife V.Ç. and her children E.E.Ç .; İ.P.’s sons İ.P. by M.P. was beaten by. After the events, İ.P. and M.P. by C.O. was taken into custody. 3 people were released after their statements.

It was learned that on the day of the fight, the District Police Department fined 3 thousand 150 TL each by the teams of the District Police Department due to the curfew restriction due to full closure.

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