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A new development occurred in the 8-year loss of Lütfiye Gündüz, who was forced to be together with men in return for money by her divorced husband Duran Özdemir and her lover Nurullah Koçyiğit. Müge Anlı’s friend Müberya Ceylan, who attended the live broadcast and the friend of the missing Lütfiye Gündüz, gave striking information about what happened on the day of the incident. They washed the test sticks and used them again! Müberya Ceylan stated that she went to their house with her husband after the procedures at the police station. However, he noted that that night, the ex-wife of the missing woman, Duran Özdemir, first called her husband and then took him from their house and went to an unknown place with a white vehicle.

The terrifying sight! Found hanging on the bridge parapetsTurkey

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Expressing that he was silent after his statement, Ceylan said,” I will not be silent after this hour, “and explained his claim that he made the studio ice cut. Müberya Ceylan stated that her husband came home around 04:30 in the morning with her shoes covered in mud and her face yellow, and said, “I think they killed Lütfiye that night.” While there was a great silence in the studio after making the claim, Müge Anlı called on her former wife Duran Özdemir to tell the truth.

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